The Global Ayush Investment and Innovation Summit offers a world of possibilities with ample innovation, investment and growth opportunities in the upcoming sector by sharing new concepts, research outcomes and exciting engagement plans with stakeholders to build a continuum of result-oriented outcomes.

The event has been scheduled in multiple parts from 20-22 April 2022 at Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar, Gujarat to drive rich content while advocating global understanding of Ayush education, research, innovation, entrepreneurship and sustained health across all Ayush systems.

To bring together country’s key startups, entrepreneurs, investors, policy makers and other national/international stakeholders for a specially curated event on innovation and make India a Global Ayush destination for entrepreneurship :
Promote Investment in Ayush Services, Products,and Education Sectors
Promote Medical Value Travel for NCDs, CDs,and for Rehabilitation
Promote India as Global Wellbeing Destination
Education and Research & Development
Establish Ayush as distinctive investment brand(showcasing innovation models)

Adopting Ayush way of life for a sustainable future
Strengthening Ayush Drug Delivery System
Exchange knowledge on best practices on nurturing startup ecosystems
Catalyze thought leadership through stakeholder engagement
Promote Yoga as Therapy for Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health
Promote YogAsana as an international sport
Catalyzing entrepreneurs to innovate, to be unicorns
Set-up roadmap to amplify the growth of Ayush sector
Forging business linkages, joint-ventures, and investments
Enhance exports of the Ayush sector
Promote Post-COVID Rehabilitation through Ayush

Government & Policy makers
Foreign Missions in India and Abroad
Hospitals and healthcare centres
Pharma & Phytoceutical Companies
Ayush Product Manufacturers(Pharma, FMCG- Dietary & Lifestyle)
Hospitals and Healthcare Centres
FMCG Manufacturers and Retailers
Health & Wellbeing Resorts
Spiritual Retreat Centres
Medical Value Travel Players

Angel Investors
Venture Capitalists
Tech Companies
Yoga Institutes
Ayush Education Institutes
Entrepreneurs/Start-ups in Ayush
Scientists, Ayush Academicians
International/National/Regional Ayurveda organizations/NGOs
Opinion and thought leaders of Ayush industry
Global participation and their key stakeholders /partners / organizations
Herbal traders and medicinal plant cultivators
National Partners
Knowledge Partners
Supporting Organisation